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Here’s Proof That Indians Made The First Laptop With Wi-Fi And Video Chat In 1952

Amazed to hear this? Well it’s true guys! Although other countries think of India as a backward nation and very slow in progress, yet we consistently have been showing them evidences of our being extraordinarily forward and smart since ages. For example, we have the description of Pushpak Viman in our epics and that kind of gadget has never been made by any other country nor are there any signs of the same.
Here is a video which proves that Indians made the first laptop with Wi-Fi and video chat in 1952 to make us proud of our being Indian once again. Watch it and get to know how intelligent our technology was but it did not seem to be quite popular then as it is now-a-days. So now you have one more reason for a wider chest that is swollen with pride for India!

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