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Hindi Television’s Lakshmi Bai’s Husband Is An Extremely Cynical Villain

Nowadays, TV actors are becoming more popular as well as Bollywood. Their fan folves are increasing. Some TV actors and actresses are also famous for Bollywood actors. The biggest reason for this is that movies are only seen by people of a particular class while serial is preferred in homes.

There was a time when people viewed the villains as a villain in real life too. But today this view has changed. People today want to see the best acting. It does not matter whether the actor is in a positive roll or in a negative role. Today people are getting more negative role than the positive roll. This is the reason why new artists now appear in most negative roles only.

One of these is Niketan Dheer, son of a famous villain of his era Pankaj Dhir. Nitikin mostly appears in most negative roles only. He made his Bollywood debut with Shah Rukh Khan’s Chennai Express’s Thangabali role. He has worked in many Bollywood films. Niketan has played villain in Hindi films like Dabang-2, Gabbar, Jodhaa Akbar, Mission Istanbul and Ready. Nitin married the TV actress Kratika Sanger in 2014. Sanger is also a famous TV actress.

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