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Mahima Chaudhary’s Cute Daughter Is The New Internet Sensation, And You Don’t Wanna Miss These Photos!

The Bollywood industry has always been popular for delivering offbeat content and giving incredible gems to audiences in the form of actors and actresses. In such a scenario, there have been various celebs from the ’90s who have left a deep mark in our hearts with their classic performances. And amongst those, the long-lost actresses of Bollywood, Mahima Chaudhry has also been named amongst such gems. The actress bagged immense fame and popularity for her brilliant skills and mesmerizing appearance. Despite being part of some Bollywood classics like Pardes, Dil Kya Kare, Dhadkan, etc. she was not able to last much in the industry and faded to oblivion.

While we already know about the works and major life details of the actress, today with this post, we have recollected some of the major details about the beautiful daughter of this actress. After briefly dating the tennis player, Leander Paes back at that time, she called off their relationship due to the player being engaged with a model. Post this, Mahima got married to Bobby Mukherji, an architect businessman in 2006 and became a mother to a beautiful daughter Ariana. In 2013, the actress announced about her sore relations with her husband and got separated.

The actress’s daughter, Ariana is as pretty as her mother and has been seen alongside Mahima during various instances. Recently, various videos and photos of Mahima and her daughter have taken the internet by storm and the fans could not help themselves from praising the cute appearances of Ariana. This is a certain indication of the introduction of a new celeb in the industry and hopes to see her soon in future endeavors.

Mahima recently shared a video alongside her daughter where she was giving the details about taking her to the dentist and even mimicking how her daughter was scared about the same. Mahima requested the fans to wish her daughter all the best so that she would not cry during her root canal treatment.

Mahima has constantly engaged in sharing adorable pictures of her daughter on various social media handles and the fans have been constantly commenting on their posts praising the beauty of Ariana. While some of them addressed her as cute, the others commented about the matching appearance of Ariana with her mother. Despite being at such a young age, Ariana has always been spotted up to date with her fashion and can beat any popular actress in terms of her style. The various designer outfits of Ariana are perfectly aligned with her minimal jewelry and her smile can make anyone drool over her.

The actress shares a close bond with her daughter and has gone beyond the way to get her custody. Though Mahima has not officially separated from her husband, the duo has not been living together for the past 7 years. After announcing the same, Mahima went on to file for the sole custody of her daughter and has been raising her as a single mother. While we truly wish to see Mahima back on screen, it would be highly interesting if her daughter also enters the glam industry soon. Ariana is extremely close to her cousin, Ryaan who happens to be Mahima’s sister, Akansha’s son. They both share a great bond and are close friends. Mahima makes frequent visits to her sister’s house and the various videos and pictures of them spending quality time together have been surfacing the internet.

Ariana is turning out to be as beautiful as her mother and is already taller than her mother. The recent videos and pictures while heading out for the clinic along with her sister’s family has been the next sensation for the audiences. Mahima recently opened about the hardships that she has faced over the years including her broken heart and marriage, divorce, daughters custody and even being addressed as the scarface by people post her accident during the shoot of the film, Dil Kya Kare. The whole journey has not been simple for the actress and raising her daughter as a single mother has also been a challenging task for her. The actress has always managed to give full attention to her daughter along with participating in various live shows and events. And to our utter surprise, the actress has even suffered two miscarriages in the past!

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