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Salman Khan REVEALS The Most Painful Thing He Has Been Through In The Last 7 And Half Years!

Bollywood actor Salman Khan is gearing up for his upcoming film ‘Tiger Zinda Hai’. In the film, the actor will be seen in his action avatar. Salman, who is currently busy in promoting his film which is going to release on December 22. The actor is still busy in interviewing, and he revealed the most painful thing he has been through in the last 7 and half years. Read below to know!
When the reporter asked Salman if he still suffers from the excruciating pain, to which, the superstar said, “No, that’s done. Nothing like that. I heard something like I was ill which was sh** but it is just that I need to be careful.”
He added, “So I have to take care that I don’t put a lot of pressure on my head, that means I cannot bend, can’t do headstands, be upside down … why would I want to be upside down, anyway (laughs), so I have no problem with that. But If I have to do a summersault, I can do that because as long as the blood is not flowing into your brain, if there is anything quick, then it is not a problem. But the Trigeminal Neuralgia being cured is like a miracle. That is the most painful thing I have been through in the 7 and half years. “

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