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Sunny Deol’s Affair With These 3 Actresses Of Bollywood Was So Close That Sunny Was Almost Breaking His Marriage For Them!

There were many Bollywood actors who liked the film, but the people did not get a chance in real life. Tales of his love became news of newspapers only!

Today we are talking about Bollywood’s Angry Man Sunny Deol who made everyone crazy with his anger in the movies! Discussions of Sunny Deol’s affair also remained with the heroine too! Sunny was one of the hit actors at that time! It is obvious that being a hit actor’s affair is a common thing!

Sunny Deol and Actress Amrita Singh started her film career in the 1983 film “Betab”! Sunny Deol and Amrita’s affair were very much discussed during the film’s shoot!
Sunny Deol was married to Pooja at that time! But they did not tell Amrita, and Amrita’s mother Rukhsana Sultana was already against this relationship! Sunny Deol’s mother, Prakash Kaur, also had a problem with this relationship because she also knew about Sunny’s marriage!

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