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The Dead Body Of This Actress Was Found Hanging On Ceiling Fan, She Did Suicide Due To This Reason.

Today is the 57th Birth Anniversary of Actress Silk Smitha of the South Film Industry. She was born on December 2, 1960 in Elluru, Rajmundari in Andhra Pradesh. Silk’s life working in many hits came at a time when she had to bear the loss. In fact, Silk made money in films by becoming a producer, but it did not get success. The impact of the losses in films also happened on her personal life and she became mentally weak. And one day her body was swinging with the fan At the age of 35, she left the world. Silk’s magic went on in the South films …
In the 80s, silk smita’s magic in the South films was so popular that people could not even forget it. Her childhood name was Vijayalakshmi. Silk’s family was so poor that the house was unable to send them to the government school to read. In such a case, she lost her education in the fourth class. After that she started working as a make-up assistant in films. Smita used to work on touching the face of heroin during the shooting. Seeing the dazzle of the film, she had a dream of becoming a heroine in her eyes.
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