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7 Costly Things Owned By Sushant Singh Rajput

7. Love for Watches

The actor was also fond of luxury watch brands. He owned Rolex and other premium brands that would have cost him several lakhs of rupees.

Things owned by sushant singh rajput

It really breaks our heart to see someone as passionate about life as Sushant Singh Rajput would take his own life. It still feels like a bad dream and we would wake up seeing him smiling ear to ear in one of his upcoming movies. The actor’s untimely demise also raised concerns about deteriorating mental health among people. Depression, that is seldom addressed as an ‘illness’ in our country, is taking more lives than we thought.

Sushant Singh Rajput’s death is giving us a cue that it’s high time we stop living a cocooned life and start approaching our near and dear ones. It’s important to stay in touch and convey to them that we care. We just wish Sushant had someone near him during those moment who would have told him, ‘It’s going to be alright’.

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