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This Superstar Had Come To Be A Villain, But He Became A Hero, To Meet Him Directors-Producers Used To go To Chawl In Mumbai!

jackie shroff life story
Famous actor Jackie Shroff, the Hindi film industry’s ‘Jaggu Dada’, is not less than any film. Jackie Shroff was born on February 1, 1957 in Latur (Maharashtra). People with love are also called ‘Jaggu Dada’, ‘Jagga’ and ‘Bhidu’. . Jackie Shroff’s father ‘Kakabai Haribhai Shroff’ was Gujarati and her mother, Hoorunisa (‘Rita’ after marriage) was from Turkey. The full name of Jackie Shroff is ‘Jaakishan Kakubai Shroff’. Director Subhash Ghai named Jackie Shroff in the movie “Hero” named Jackie.

Before coming to the movies, Jackie Shroff also modeled, which was seen by actor Dev Anand in his film, Swami Dada. Which became Jackie Shroff’s first movie. Jackie Shroff as Lead Actor Subhash Ghai had launched in the film ‘Hero’, his Upogit, Meenakshi Sheshadri, also started his career in films from this film.

Poverty and poverty in half life Wrote your luck by yourself. Come in the movies ‘Hero’ made Jackie Shroff as a hero This film has transformed the career as such. Things might have become so that producer-director Jackie Shroff started to revolve. Those who come to their homes will be tenacious. Producers had to wait for hours to meet Jackie Da.

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