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Truth Behind The Tragic & Unfortunate Love Story of Rekha And Amitabh!

When Jaya came to know about their relationship

It was reported that after this incident, Jaya Bachchan invited Rekha home for dinner and told her candidly that she would never leave her husband whatever may happen. And likewise, Jaya kept her promise till the very end. Rekha finally realised that she either want to be Mrs. Bachchan or stay single!

Their last movie together

Rekha didn’t want to be termed as the “other woman” and preferred to walk away from Amitabh’s life. ‘Silsila’ was their last movie together and had Amitabh, Jaya and Rekha playing their respective roles as it was in real life. Yash Chopra had revealed that he was always on tenterhooks as it was their real story being depicted on screen.

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