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This Divorced Bollywood Actress Had Ran Away For Marriage, She Said ‘Husband Is Not Romantic’!

The film ‘Golmaal’ (1979), Urmi i.e. Actress Bindia Goswami has been 55 years old. Bindia, born on January 6, 1962, married herself by 12 years old director JP Dutta. Indeed, Bindia’s family was against this relationship because JP Dutta was much older than him. But Bindia adopted the path of rebellion and got married in 1985. Divya was already divorced …
Actually, Bindia Goswami was already married. His first marriage was to Vinod Mehra (now not in this world), but both were not together for long and they got divorced. After this, Bindia and JP Datta came closer to each other and the two decided to spend their lives together.
When Bindiya spoke, I am romantic my husband is not…
Personally, JP is a very introverted person. In an interview, Bindia had said, ‘We are both opposites. They talk hard and I keep speaking every time. They are not romantic at all. I like to go out and walk, they just sit at home. ‘
On the next slides, the mother of two daughters is Bindiya …

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