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10 Bollywood Celebrities Are Famous For Throwing Tantrums!

5. Rishi Kapoor

Once at Ekta Kapoor’s Iftaar party, Rishi Kapoor was high in spirits and went to use the restroom when a fan followed him and asked for his autograph. Instead of acknowledging his love, Rishi Kapoor used offensive language at the 60-year-old man and even shooed him away.

6. Akshay Kumar

According to a report on 9XM during the screening of Akshay Kumar’s Singh Is Bliing at Chandan Cinema in Juhu- Mumbai, the Airlift actor was huddled by crazy fans on reaching the venue. When a few fans playfully pat his back, he yelled at his bodyguard asking him how they had the audacity to cross the line in his presence. While he heading towards his car, he also allegedly pushed a sardar fan while he was trying to get close to him. He had also slapped a fan on the sets of Gabbar is Back.

7. Kareena Kapoor

According to a report on, Kareena Kapoor is known for throwing tantrums. Reportedly, she put several conditions in front of Madhur Bhandarkar before agreeing to do his film Heroine, a movie based on Hollywood actress Marilyn Monroe. A few of her conditions included casting only A- list celebs with her. She also denied to do any love-making scenes. It didn’t end there! The Bajrangi Bhaijaan actor was recently in news for throwing tantrums on a fan, who approached her to greet and click a picture at a busy airport.

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