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“Kareena Kapoor Is A Classless Spoilt Brat” Fans Speak About Bebo On Quora

2. A 7 year old who was scarred for life

I actually met her as a child! I am 23 years old now but I went to a show when I was about 7 with my mom. My mom knew few of the individuals who were sponsoring the show and offered to take me to the back where they were so I could say hi. I was really one of her biggest fans when I was younger but this event changed my opinion forever. I got back there with one of my moms friends and I was a shy kid so my uncle introduced me and I smiled SO big and said hi. She turned and looked at me and made a very disgusting face. It wiped the smile off my face so fast. She didn’t even say hi to me and rolled her eyes and walked away. I brought a poster to the back to have her sign it for me but I really didn’t even have interest in getting it signed anymore and I went back to my mom. I went from knowing all of her movies, songs, etc. to not even wanting to watch anymore movies with her in it! Ugh, she’s a witch.. I swear lol.
-Dhwani Patel
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