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Times When Celebrities Slapped Others Or Got Slapped In The Face And Made Headlines!

Govinda slaps his fan and Neeraj Vohra

Govinda has an Epic comic timing on-screen. On the other hand, he, also made some media attention for his temper. Govinda supposedly got into a contention with movie producer and actor, Neeraj Vohra, amid the film’s making, Run Bhola Run. Govinda was clearly angry with the film’s writer for organizing Aryan Vaid over him.
To such an extent, that he professedly slapped him. While both actors denied the assertions, sources present on the sets said that the reports were valid. Another occurrence when Govinda lost his cool was amid the melody’s shooting from the film,Apna Sapna Money. Purportedly, the on-screen character slapped a passerby present on the sets, asserting that he was disturbing the female co-stars.

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